Pa.ind. SRL Overview

Company History and Approach

Pa.ind. SRL is a dynamic company which has undertaken the challenge of the international trade supply. We provide main institutions, multinational enterprises and local content firms supplying them all they demand. We are specialized procurement in Africa, United Arab Emirates, USA, East Europe, providing all machineries, equipment and spare parts needed for clients projects.

Thanks to our experience in foreign and tender’s supply, Pa.ind. SRL has a huge technical know – how and significant ability in trade and logistic operations. These features are the key of our customers satisfaction.

Pa.ind. SRL is the best supplier for any projects requirements, guarantees you best quality, price and delivery conditions, taking care of every step of the commercial transaction from the inquiry to the final use. These strengths have allowed Pa.ind. SRL to be recognized as qualified Vendor of most important international institutions and multinational enterprises.

Everything you need, we found it, eventually personalize it as your requirements, and delivers it in short time. Our offer is your request! Send us description or technical features and we’ll find the best solution for your needs.